10 Normal Things The Bible Forbids But We Still Do

The Bible which according to research is the most widely read book in the world is also the most “abused” book in terms of abiding by its contents. I’m sure every good christian knows about the 10 commandments which was delivered to Moses — even the pagans know a word or two from it. My Sunday school teacher made me learn a lot from the bible and at a point in time I was very addicted to the interesting stories he read to me. In schools, we’re also taught good moral values that makes one a good christian but it seems we keep committing the same sins that we know of everyday.  A sin is different from a mistake. A wrongdoing once is a mistake, but repeating the same act once again or more times makes it a sin which needs to be checked. EonlineGhana.Com today looks at 10 of  everyday lifestyle we regard as part of normal life but it’s rather a great sin in the eyes of GOD. CLICK TO THE NEXT PAGE TO CONTINUE TO DISCOVER WHAT YOU’VE BEEN DOING WRONG ALL ALONG!

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