12 Telenovelas in Ghana That Held Us All Spellbound!

Sometime ago Ghanaian TV screens were dominated by foreign Telenovelas which we simply couldn’t get enough of. A few years down the lane, telenovelas have once again taken over our TV screen and the monotony is simply killing a lot of viewers. A writer who goes by name, Ebo Kilson expresses his feeling from his own perspective..Enjoy!

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12. La Gata!

We see a lot of slander against the grown men that rush home from work, or stand, spellbound, in front of TV shops, to watch Telenovelas, specifically (these days), La Gata!

la gata episode 112

LMAO…it is kind of a ridiculous name, aaaaaaand they have entire TV shows dedicated to discussing Telenovelas. There’s a recap show in Twi, and then there’s the panel discussion. People get paid to talk about this stuff. LMAO

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Anyway, before La Gata came along, a couple of TV Shows held us spellbound – by us, I mean, the entire nation. All 4 regions of it. Here are 11 TV Shows that EVERYONE stayed up to watch, every damn day!