5 Make-up hacks every girl should know.

Make-up is essential to a lady’s beauty . Make-ups like eyeshadow , blush and other make-up stuffs are sure to run out , but with this 5 make-up hacks you are sure of not getting half made up.

1.Use lipstick as blush.

Lipstick can be used in place of a blush.  Due to it oily nature it is sure to stay on for a longer period of time.lipblush

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2. Eyeshadow to a nail polish.

Dont throw away your old eyeshadow when you make it into a nail polish.  Its simple , get a clear  or a clear glittery nail polish and add your eyeshadow  . Shake it up or stir until you see youve  got yourself a nail polish.       polish

3.   Eyeshadow to lipstick.

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Mix an eyeshadow with a clear lip balm or petroleum jelly stir very well. who would not want to try this.eyelip

4. Use a spoon to create the perfect winged liner.liner

5.  Put a card between your crease and eyelash when applying mascara. It prevents the mascara from staining your eye crease, it also makes it longer and curlier.card