5 Sure Ways To Become A Successful Music Artiste in Ghana

The internet creates tons of new opportunities for upcoming artists. Becoming famous was never easier and more feasible than these days.

Even well-known label bosses claim that there’s no need for a record label to make it in this game. But there’s also a downside to this: Every kid with internet can record songs and publish them online. The internet is literally being flooded with new music every day. And the consumers and fans out there are getting overwhelmed big time. It’s self-evident that standing out becomes more and more important. It is hard to ignore the fact that music today has moved from pretty simple lyrics to words that do not exist in the oxford dictionary talk more of Google.com. How do you explain the meaning of Joey B’s “Oh na na na na…..or Tonga, Tonga” or 4×4’s “Bader than Bad…Oh no oh no”? With the type of lyrics that are being put out today by Ghanaian artists, it would be pretty hard for an artist who sang “If I could runaway, I’d run with you faraway” to compete with someone who spills “all because of tonga,tonga” on the dance floor. Our years of experience in the Ghanaian music industry as music promoter, artiste managers,media publicist, Media consultants and shows organizers have given us an insight as to what sells in Ghana.

Trust me when I say I have cracked that code as to how you can become a successful Ghanaian artiste just by releasing one single! Here are the 5 proven steps you must follow religiously to become a successful artiste in Ghana!

1. Quality Is important. Quality is probably the most important aspect of your music. Most upcoming artists have no idea of quality: Their rhymes are crappy, their mixing and mastering sucks and their overall music just doesn’t sound professional. The easiest way to standout and make a serious impression is to step up and handle your audio quality. Get yourself a studio with a decent condenser microphone, a better sound card and find someone who will mix and master your songs at least semi-professionally. If you sound professional, people will think you are professional. This single step will put you ahead of most other upcoming artists in this game.

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2. Keep in shape. This is already self-explanatory. You can’t be looking like Rick Ross and expecting your female fans to appreciate you. In order to be able to throw off your shirt at any given time, you will need to have the right 6packs (Please no hungry packs) but the right packs like Samini, Kwabena Kwabena or Joey B. Now if you a female artiste, then you need to shed off those unwanted fats around your stomach and reserve it for your hips and bust because this is what Ghanaian men love and you need it for your photo and video shoots.

3. Show some skin. Now Ghanians love daring performances. In order to have an engaging concert, you must be willing to show some chest on stage like Samini and throw your shirt into the crowd. For the ladies, a little baring of the laps hurts no one. You can contact Eazzy and Mzbel for a few tips on how to bare it all and still look classy.

4. Feature a Well-Known Artiste. Getting on a track with a well-known artist makes you stand out like crazy. Most self-proclaimed upcoming artists will never do that: They are simply too afraid, don’t believe that it’s impossible and last but not least they don’t know how it’s done. This is a huge opportunity for you. Nothing will boost your credibility more than a collaboration with a medium well-known artist. There’s no doubt that this is one of the best ways to stand out. Featuring a well- known artiste is easy, we can hook you up with an artiste of your choice, just let us know when you ready.

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5. The best things are not for FREE! Don’t be reluctant when it comes to spending, in the present Ghanain music industry if you can’t pay the right people I’m sorry to say your music will go nowhere, OAP, Social Media publicists, Radio/ Satellite channels, Magazines, Top DJs, Top bloggers, music promotion companies, dont joke with the services of those people, consult them to work for you even if it requires paying them huge amounts for the publicity you need just for you to get to the top. Use the social media/online promo plan to create all the awareness and publicity you might ever need on the internet, it is tested and trusted! You can also submit your songs to top radio stations in Accra for maximum airplay of your songs to millions of listeners.You need the services of Top DJs and bloggers? Too I hope this little advice can be of help to you guys.

You can contact us through admin@eonlineghana.com if you want us to take care of all your online promotion needs. See Our Pricing List Here!

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