Andy Dosty blasts Yaa Jackon’s father for letting his 17-year-old daughter go wayward

Kumawood child actress, Yaa Jackson, has been nursing a Nicky Minaj type of music career by going all sexy and explicit at any given chance and that is getting Andy Dosty really pissed off.

Yaa Jackson

The Hitz FM Presenter expressed his disappointment in Yaa Jackson’s father for acting so unconcerned and watching his 17-year-old daughter continuously expose her body on social media in the name of music.

“That girl what is wrong with her … whatever I am saying here the father will listen … no no no let’s say it and stop this hypocrisy, what’s her father’s name, Jackson Bentum, I know Jackson why will he want his daughter go wayward and almost everyone is lambasting her” Andy fumed on his show, Day Break Hitz, whilst his co-presenters discussed Yaa Jackon’s latest “Ehye Mu” music video.

According to the Presenter, he has children and he won’t allow the types of Yaa Jackson wearing skimpy clothes to influence them negatively.

Do you think Yaa Jackson and present-day social media should be blamed for Yaa’s action or her Father should be held responsible?

Watch Andy’s take on the issue below and share your mind with us

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