Baiden Writes: Alas! He Breathed His Last.

I sat deep in thoughts as the news hit me. I was left with no choice than to reminisce about the past. With tears in my eyes, I poured out my deepest feelings and regrets……..

I watched him as he severally begged for money to survive……. Please give me a cedi for “koko” was an every morning expectation.

He was old and I was tempted to think that he failed to make the most out of his youthfulness…….shut up! My inner voice exclaimed…….Don’t think or talk about what you do not understand.

He lived on, drinking and smoking……Well, I felt at some point that I should talk to him about the health dangers associated with excessive drinking and smoking. Maybe, that was my Achilles heel. I felt that he ought to have known better so I kept my mouth shut.

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He was surrounded by wealthy siblings but for reasons beyond my knowledge, he was barely attended to. I learnt he had children………as for that, I also do not know whether it is yea or nay.

Bottles and cigarettes were his companions………maybe, to give him a temporarily relief from his problems.


Today, he breathed his last…..I didn’t hear his last words but what should we expect?

Is a grandiose funeral full of mouthwatering praises/tributes and lavish expenditure next on the line?


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