Juventus FC midfielder, Blaise Matuidi has lifted the lid on an experience he went through whiles he was in school which has made him view ladies as snakes and people he cannot trust.

According to him, prior to his move to Saint-Etienne in France, he told a lady in his school that he loves her. However, the lady rebuffed his sentiments, citing that he was too ugly.

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However, when the deal to Saint-Etienne went through, this same lady texted him and said she wanted to wish him luck. He also rebuffed her advances.

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Matuidi said:

‘’I was in love with a girl in school, I confessed my love to her, she said ‘you’re so ugly’. When my transfer to Saint-Étienne happened, she texted and said she wanted to give luck, I did not. Women are like snakes, I don’t trust them’’.

Source: EOnlineGH.com