Checkout The Robotic Snake FireFighter

The DragonFireFighter

Checkout The Robotic Snake Firefighter

Researchers at Tohoku University and National Institute of Technology, Hachinohe College in Japan have found a perfect antidote to fire outbreaks.

They have created a flying snake robot which flies around and sprays water in order to put out fires.

The DragonFireFighter

The robot, called DragonFireFighter, utilizes powerful jets of water in maneuvering itself in the air and then aims its twin ‘fangs’ of water at any fire it finds. It’s far from being the perfect invention though as it still needs a gantry and water pump in order to keep its tail grounded. The head of the hose can squeeze into tight spaces, turn and aim.

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The current model is just 2 meters long but according to, the researchers believe that they can simply add segments to make it a bigger and more efficient firefighter.

The steering system though isn’t exactly perfect but there are benefits of having a long, water-spraying hose that can sneak into small spaces where human firefighters cannot go.


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