The ban on social gatherings (including religious gatherings) due to the corona virus has led to a lot of pastors resorting to online services to reach their congregation. However, little did we know that Charles Nii Armah Mensah, aside his musical and beefing prowess also has some ‘pastoral prowess’ up his sleeves.

He held his premier online service dubbed #churchwithShatta last week and in the same vein, held another one today.

Today’s service was themed “LOVE” and the musician cum pastor espoused on LOVE being the greatest virtue.

Shatta Wale’s not a stranger to his own acts and accepted that people might find it a bit weird that he’s preaching about love because of his reputation in the musical industry as one who loves to stirr comtroversy, probably extending into the territories of hatred.

But fact is, he is one of Ghana’s most successful acts. In his defense, he has asked that he be scrutinized deeply and after that’s done, it will be discovered that LOVE is the driving force behind his successful musical career.

Wonder why he has so much following?


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