Confidence Models Presents Models Show Pack For The 2018 Chilly Rainy Season

Confidence Models is currently in it’s 12th year. The agency that originally began in 2006 in UK and now operating in Ghana just presented it’s set of models for 2018. The boutique agency unveiled 7 editorial models it will be managing during the course of the year with hopes of breaking trends from the norm of the usual model management.

The aim is to inspire young models and provide a professional platform that can dig into the core of managing the careers of their fashion models in hopes that the wider community of fashion in Africa and international can recognize a high level.

According to the agency “Our aim is not to be a boutique agency, however based on the standards we are setting it is not so easy to find quality model of that kind, nevertheless, having a handful of models in our grasp gives us the opportunity to really work closely with them and develop them in our best manner to pave a way for future models on our books.”

CMM announces that in the end of 2017, they recently made a switch from being simply an agency with models to core career management and all their sign ons are definitely ones to watch out for. See Images below.


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