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EonlineGhana.Com is Ghana’s hottest and most visited showbiz blog. The site covers celebrity, fashion, beauty, entertainment and trending news. Its explosive audience growth breaks traffic records on a near-monthly basis. EonlineGhana.Com’s enormous success is credited to the editorial content’s ability to emotionally connect with the needs and interests of its audience.
It’s sited by most of the top entertainment websites in Ghana and prides itself as the hottest blog in the country


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Legon, Accra – Ghana
Call/Whatsapp: (233) 0547185835
                              (233) 0208047724
Email:  admin@eonlineghana.com
Web: www.eonlineghana.com



If your message is very specific to a particular topic, for immediate response we advise that you refer to the email addresses below:

For Advertising on EOnlineGhana.Com, Please contact: adverts@eonlineghana.com
(Mark Subject As Advert)
For Music Submission, Please Contact: promo@eonlineghana.com
(Mark Subject As Promo)
For Prose/Articles & Features, Please contact: features@eonlineghana.com                                                                (Mark Subject As Feature)
For Entertainment/Beauty, Please contact: editorial@eonlineghana.com
(Mark subject as editorial)
For General News submission and tips, Please contact: news@eonlineghana.com
Use admin@eonlineghana.com if you’re unsure of what email to use. Thank you

Managing Editor: Frimpong Prince
Email: Prince@EonlineGhana.Com
Contact/Whatsapp: 0547185835
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Snapchat: ThePrinceLive

Marketing/PR: George Fosuhene
Email: Fosuhene@EonlineGhana.Com
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