Dumsor Collapsed Kumawood Movie Industry – Akrobeto

Akrobeto has attributed the collapse of the local film industry to the erratic power supply the country faced a few years ago.

Speaking on the United Showbiz entertainment program on UTV, the actor said the genesis of all the problems the local film industry began to face was due to dumsor.

Expressing his opinions on the show, Akrobeto did not mince words when he said their business and movie careers took a nosedive because the Dumsor made it impossible for them to work as they used to do.

“Dumsor was a big problem to our work. It was the beginning of our owoes because we weren’t able to work as we used to do.”

“People could not even watch movies they buy and we weren’t able to churn out more content for our viewers,” he said.

Akrobeto admitted that the movie industry in Ghana is not moving in the direction they want but they believe with the use of technology, they can stay ahead of the competition.



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