E! Talk: “Aside R2bees, Nobody Has Done What I Did” – Rapper Kwame Baah Throws A Jab

“I was very whack from the beginning and many people told me to stop, but now, they hear my songs on radio and my video on TV and they are proud of me”

He is one of the finest rappers based in Kumasi, the Garden City of Ghana. A product of Legacy Empire entertainment, known by his fans as the “Dopest Kid”.  Today, EonlineGhana.Com seeks to unmask this don of rap music and get him closer to his fans. Kwame Baah talks about his life, the Ghanaian music industry, his aspirations for life in this exclusive interview for EonlineGhana.Com. Read the excerpts below:
ThePrinceLive: Thanks for granting me this interview
First of all tell us, who is Kwame Baah?
Kwame Baah: Kwame Baah is a young guy, a student who loves doing music, trying to follow his heart and spread the word via music.
ThePrinceLive: Talking about school, can you tell us more about Kwame Baah as a student.
 Kwame Baah: Sure. I’m an Art student specializing in Graphic Design and Sculpture in the University Of Education, Winneba. I’m in my final year. It hasn’t been easy combining the music and education though.. Lol

ThePrinceLive: Well that’s obvious it wouldn’t be easy. So how do you cope with both career choices? What is your secret?
Kwame Baah: It’s passion and dedication. I love them all and can’t let any go. Lol. So then, I have to do all. But mostly, the music takes the bigger share of my time even more than my woman does. Lol. But I think it’s ok.

ThePrinceLive: So how do you handle the fame around your fellow students. And do the lecturers sometimes give you preferential treatment because you’re Kwame Baah?
 Kwame Baah: lol.. Come on. I’m nobody. Some of my lecturers sometimes pardon me when I don’t make it to class sometimes because of music. I think they love the fact that music is also art and I’m combining both. But I do my best in all the subjects so they can’t complain u know?. And also my mates see me as that “Kwame Baah” you talking about but my friends and I on the other hand do not care about that. We have fun and fool around as always..lol

ThePrinceLive: oh OK. So how do you handle your female fans. I’m sure most of them throw themselves at you because of your fame, and obviously you’re a handsome guy too.
 Kwame Baah: I’m not handsome charley. Don’t let my pics deceive you, it’s camera trick..lol. Anyway, back to your Question, I love my female friends. Every fan of mine is my friend and I respect them all. I can’t combine my music with pleasure. I won’t go far if I end up in bed with every lady in love with my music. But am not that popular so ladies don’t chase me that much. But with the little I’ve seen, I’ve been able to handle it.

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ThePrinceLive: Well, they say the camera never lies so if you can manipulate it to lie then you’re really a magician lol. Notwithstanding, is Kwame Baah single?
Kwame Baah: lol.. I’m not single boss. The next question.. lol


ThePrinceLive:Back to your music.What inspired you to sit down and write that 14 track album?
 Kwame Baah: Oh. you’re talking of the Face Off tape? It was something I had always wanted to do. That tape has 7 different genres. And aside R2bees, I’m the only artiste in Ghana who has done that on a single album. Everything inspired me to do that project. Sorrow, passion, environment, my struggles, etc.

ThePrinceLive: Yh! The Face Off Album is really dope! By the way, do you ever get disappointed during your music journey that it sometimes make you want to give up? Has anybody discouraged you from being a rapper?
 Kwame Baah: Many times bro.. Countless times.. But I know who I am. Everybody who has been close to me knows I’m that person who never gives up. I didn’t just wake up one day and started rapping like how I am doing doing. It was a process. I was very whack from the beginning and many people told me to stop, but now, they hear my songs on radio and my video on tv and they are proud of me cos I don’t disappoint in any of my songs. Lyrically, I think I’ve improved and their discouragements brought me here.

ThePrinceLive: Nice. Recently rapper Drake was accused of getting his dope lyrics written by Ghost Writers. Does Kwame Baah write his own punchlines or knows a ghost writer somewhere feeding him with those dope lines?
 Kwame Baah: I write everything myself. Every lyric in my song. Even when I feature singers on my tune, I prefer to write everything. And I write almost everything in the studio whilst the recording session is in progress

ThePrinceLive: Nice to know. How is the music journey for Kwame Baah so far. I’m not a musician but I hear it’s quite rewarding for a select few.
 Kwame Baah: You mean Rewarding in cash? That is if you get good shows to play. For now, am not getting that. I should be honest. But on a whole, the journey has been good and tough. I’m paying more than am getting in terms of cash but when your fans keep supporting, you tend to forget that you’ve actually invested alot. lol. But we doing it because of the passion, but when the money starts coming I no go loose gaurd..lol

ThePrinceLive: Who is our favorite Ghanaian rapper, and in your honest opinion who is the worst?
 Kwame Baah: My favorite?? eerrmm. Let’s see.. At 1st it was Okyeame Kwame, But now every underground artiste is my favorite. I can’t really choose one. With the worst, i think everybody has his style, u can’t say somebody is whack now. Every style can blow and make money for an artiste, so i don’t see anybody as worst.

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ThePrinceLive: Rapper E.L asserts that with money anyone can be a rapper and that’s why there are actually no talents in the game. Do you agree with him?
 Kwame Baah: It’s soo true. I like E.L and I look up to him like he’s taller than me. lol. But i soo agree with that. Money makes people blow even when they don’t have the talent. But remember you should be talented if you wanna stay on that spot for a long time. Cos if you ain’t creative and talented, your money will take you there but you being whack will bring you down in no time.

ThePrinceLive: What’s the worst rumor you’ve ever heard about yourself?
 Kwame Baah: That am rude and unfriendly. I pretend not to hear it. All my boys know am very open and u like making friends. If you don’t know me personally you might think am hard to approach but trust me, am very open and i joke alot. My people will tell you and am very humble.

ThePrinceLive: There is this notion that Kumasi-based rappers find it difficult to blow up unless they move to Accra. Not only rappers but a lot of other workers ( radio presenters, actors, etc. ) have made the move from the Garden City to find solace in the Capital and most of them have actually made it big there. Do you think this is just a negative stereotype and if so what do you think accounts for this?
Kwame Baah: I’ve heard about this. And I think it’s just a negative notion people have about this city. Many people have made it big from Kumasi. I wouldn’t wanna mention names but when it’s your time, its your time. It doesn’t matter the city you from.

ThePrinceLive: Alright Kwame Baah, thanks for sacrificing your time to talk to me. Before I leave you, tell me what is the way forward for Kwame Baah, any surprises for the fans out there?

Kwame Baah: Will be releasing the video of my “Murder” tune featuring Gemini next two weeks. And will drop a single titled “Welcome to my City” off my next album House Of Gold. And I must confess this tape is better than my Face Off tape. Thanks for having me. I truly appreciate it. Its “Kwame Baah Gh” on all the social media networks.


Find Kwame Baah On his social networks below:

Instagram: kwamebaahgh

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Reverbnation: KwameBaahGH

Download some of his songs below:

Get the Face Off Album Here!

Kwame Baah ft Lona – Streets (DOWNLOAD)

Kwame Baah – Thanks and Praise (ft. Ben Brainy) (DOWNLOAD)

Kwame Baah – Assassination (Feat Mz Wyte) (DOWNLOAD)

Kwame Baah – 669 (faCEOff) (DOWNLOAD)

Kwame Baah – Me and You (ft. Ben Brainy) (DOWNLOAD)