EDITORIAL: What did Opanka fail to do that Medikal did right?


EDITORIAL: What did Opanka fail to do that Medikal did right? - EOnlineGH.Com

It takes only the smart one to survive in the Ghanaian music industry and be relevant all the time.

Opanka has been in the music scene for quite sometime now and has since released tracks upon tracks. His fans love him for that as he inspires a lot in his songs.

It’s been awhile i saw him perform on a major stage in Ghana and this baffles me since he has been around before some of these new rappers who get billed to perform on some major platforms.

In this article, we take the latest and hottest rap sensation Medikal into consideration. Opanka has been doing mixtapes and releasing major tracks of which some are hits. He has been recognized as one fine rapper in the country but then is there something he is not doing right?

Is it that he has no good management? Is it that he is not smart enough to get himself relevant in the music scene these days?

Truth is, when we mention the top 10 rappers in Ghana currently, Opanka WILL NOT make the list but some new guys like Medikal will definitely make it.

Medikal even gets big shows to perform at and Opanka does not get that chance. We love Opanka as a rapper and wish to see him rock shoulders with the other finest rappers in the country.

For the number of years Opanka has been in the game, he isn’t supposed to be playing shows from schools to schools as he does in recent times meanwhile his other colleagues perform at big shows that pay huge sum of money. He is worth more than that.

Sometime last year, Opanka stormed our timeline and his with news about his latest album titled ‘AKWAABA’ which he said will take everyone by surprise. Truth is, from 22nd October 2016 that the album was released, there had not been a single song on the album that Opanka can boast of, being a hit track. Is Opanka not doing something right in his career?

But then Medikal who has been in the music scene few months ago has some of his singles as hit songs and has even started winning awards already.

Probably, Medikal is doing right what Opanka is doing wrong strategically in the music industry. Maybe Opanka has to check his management or probably come up with new strategies to be a household rapper since he has come quite a long way.

We love Opanka and what he does. No doubt that he is a good rapper.

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