Efia Odo Reveals Why She Doesn’t Own A Car

Outspoken media personality, Efia Odo has disclosed why she doesn’t own a car presently.

She revealed that she is saving up to buy a private jet!

Celebrities are under a lot of pressure to live luxurious lives however, Efia Odo has proven to be a realist as she has severally stated that she uses Uber – and she does so proudly.

Little did we know that she’s saving for the very best.

She wrote on her Instagram handle,

“For Jaz’s Bday Beyoncé bought him a 40million dollar jet! That’s the wealth I will achieve. So if you don’t see me with a car it’s cuz I’m saving for a jet..My goals ain’t your goals..’

We wish her well in her quest to become the first Ghanaian female celebrity to purchase a  jet.

'If you don't see me with a car, it's because am saving for a Jet' - Efia Odo reveals

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