The Electoral Commission of Ghana has released the final list of names of registered voters for the 2020 general election.

The official Voter’s Register for the 2020 Presidential and Parliamentary elections has a total of 17,029,981 registered voters.

The EC has also furnished all political parties with copies of the Voter’s Register, including the Exceptions List and Multiples List.

All logistics and materials for the 2020 General Elections such as ballot boxes, thumbprint pads, stationery, identification jackets, polling station booths, indelible ink, seals among others have been acquired by the Commission and distributed to their respective destinations.

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A total of 233,632 Temporary Officials made up of Returning Officers and their Deputies, Presiding Officers, Verification Officers, Name Reference Officers as well as COVID-19 Ambassadors have been trained for the December 2020 Elections.

We urge all registered voters to come out on 7th December and peacefully exercise their civic duty.