Elsewhere In Kenya – When The Bush Becomes A Bedroom : University Students Caught In The Act

The busted two
The busted two

A couple at Eldoret’s top university was busted yesterday whiles they were having some “cozy” time in the bush by some villagers.

The two had allegedly gone to have some good time at Falls, a place famed for its romantic scenes.

According to a middle-aged villager, he saw the two go into a bush when they were coming from Falls. “I was coming from the school side and they were on their way back from Falls. They then branched into a small bush. I did not suspect anything because this is an open place and we are used to seeing students being romantic”, said a man who introduced himself as Edward.

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Minutes later, a group of 5 villagers who were looking after cows ran into the two half- naked couple while trying to control their cows. The two were busily enjoying themselves when all of a sudden, the 5 men surrounded them. Aaaw…..what a bad timing.

“We did not expect to find such a situation. We were just looking after our cows. However, this is common especially among university students who have ‘hot-blood’”, a witness explained.
The two were then set free amidst a series of warnings and advice. The 5 men opined that nothing could be done to them neither could they be victimized because the people in mention are adults.
“We believe they are adults and are free to make their own decisions. So we let them go but warned them against doing such things in open places”, Edward said.

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Unsurprisingly, the place where these two were busted is full of used condoms, an indication that it wasn’t the first time students used that bush to satisfy their “hot and rushing sex urges”.

Credit: hivisasa.com


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