Gari, referred to as the student’s companion in this part of the world is a foodstuff most of us couldn’t do without when growing up – and mostly, till now! Oh! It’s also called CASSAVA FLAKES.

In extreme hunger or just for the “fun” of it, we find a lot of solace in soaking gari in water, adding some nido/milo, sugar and maybe groundnuts and then off we go.

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To many, gari’s not just a mere foodstuff but it doubles up as a “lifesaver.”

One of Africa’s most affluent footballers, Emmauel Sheyi Adebayor has shared a video of himself happily feasting on a bowl of “gari soakings”.

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Charley, the truth be say man for happy himself o!

Adebayor has set the tone………. Eat what you have, be thankful, sleep, wake up and hustle harder!

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