Fallout From The Anas Exposé: Ghana Bleeds

Anas Aremeyaw Anas has embarked on an extremely involving journey. A journey to expose those who use their mandate as leaders to perpetrate corruption. His latest culprit, Kwasi Nyantakyi till now remains defiant. Nyantakyi stated in his letter of resignation that he has not admitted to any wrong doing with regard to the issues raised in the much talked about video dubbed, Number 12.

We will be eager to listen to Nyantakyi’s side of the story though I am skeptical about the effect it is likely to have on the court of public opinion. In the public eye, Nyantakyi has ensured that he has successfully ridded himself of any kind of sympathy. It will be a really fascinating plot as to how Mr. Nyantakyi intends to respond to the visible acts of corruption and damning statements made in the video.

Away from the Anas-Nyantakyi saga, the legitimate questions we ought to be asking ourselves as Ghanaians are: What parameters are being put in place to ensure that corruption is minimized to the

In the absence of Anas Aremeyaw Anas and his famed sting operations, how do we intend to expose the rots which are taking place in various developmental sectors? An incredible reality of the Number 12 exposé is that Nyantakyi metamorphosed from being the GFA president to becoming the institution itself. Clearly, it was a case of a single man wielding too much power to an extent that he owed no one accountability. Corruption doesn’t take place in vacuum. It takes place where there are no systems which hold people in positions accountable. Corruption is rampant where checks and balances only exist as theoretical entities. It was obvious that Mr. Nyantakyi became very powerful and used his power to enable him to become the sole controller of the GFA as he ensured that major positions within the GFA were held as a result of his appointment. It is annoying and baffling as to how Mr. Nyantakyi
schemed up such a plot and ensured that it worked to perfection. In Nyantakyi’s own terms, he had the GFA in his pocket.

We must be disturbed as a nation because the systems which allow and promote corruption are still at work. A mental revolution must take place and we must look beyond our individual gains. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. With so much rot and corruption going on, what image can you picture about Ghana in twenty years’ time? What then was the essence of the fight for freedom from colonial rule? Our forefathers fought for independence because they believed in the people who were coming after them. They believe in you and me. Instead, what do we see?

On the premise that the school curriculum is supposed to address the pressing challenges faced by the society, why not introduce a new subject of study into our educational curriculum which will make our up and coming leaders totally abhor corruption and its blatant dangers? Why not engage in a mental assault on corruption if we really mean to fight it since every action is preceded by a thought?

Until the necessary steps are taken to arrest the evil called corruption, we will keep on reciting the say no to corruption mantra whiles our resources keep on depleting as a result of the actions of some highly educated but low in morality big men.
YEN ARA Y’ASAASE NI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Baiden Gideon
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