Fella Makafui Beats Archipalago & Emelia Brobbey With The Most ‘Useless’ Song Yet

Before I say anything; I want to render an apology on behalf of all Ghanaians to Archipalago and Emelia Brobbey for criticizing their songs in the past.

And I must say Medikal is such a supportive husband to actually allow Fella to release this senseless song into the public domain and open herself to ridicule.

Honestly, the song is such a waste of beat and the fact that I’m still calling it a song makes me sound like a complete douchebag. Her voice on the song titled Over was so raw that I couldn’t even tell whether she was rapping or singing — I honestly felt that the producer just gave her something for her to leave him alone. Anyway, how the hell did any producer stoop this low to record this trash in his studio?

After listening to that whack tune, I’m starting to like Sister Derbie’s songs even more — in fact I’m a big fan of her music from today. I have never felt insulted listening to any music like this before and I wish you wouldn’t even waste your time and bundle to watch the video after reading this.

I am not a hater and I’ll definitely gain nothing from hating on her — however I will encourage her to stick to acting, at least we saw some potential there — and leave the music to the professionals.

And of course, we are not the only ones calling her song trash — you can check her comments section on her video on instagram.

Fun Fact: She has actually disabled the comment section on her video on youtube to obviously save herself from public ridicule and backlash

Watch the video below if you want


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Sister Derbie Subtly Calls Fella Makafui’s “Over” Song Trash