President of Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide, Apostle Johnson Suleman has justified why he didn’t donate money to Nigeria’s government to aid in tackling the corona virus but chose to give directly to the poor and needy.

In a blatant show of mistrust (and deservedly so) of the government, Apst. Johnson Suleman revealed that he is directly giving to to the needy and vulnerable which he feels is a better way of reaching them instead of donating money to Nigeria’s government.

“The government is not hungry, why should I feed them?” -he quizzed.

Further, he reiterated his stance by citing that “Giving is for the needy and not the greedy”.

Apst. Suleman’s message is clear; if you have something to give, give directly to those who need it especially if you do not trust the government to be transparent and accountable.

Below are some of the people who have received donations from Apst. Suleman;


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