How does the Homechow App work?

How does the Homechow App work? » EOnlineGH.ComHomechow App is an on-demand food delivery service. It currently operates as a mobile application. The Homechow App is available for both iOS and Android.

It was founded by Gabriel Ankamafio in September 2018. It is headquartered in Labadi, Accra and currently serves customers in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

How does Homechow App work?

Let’s discuss how does Homechow App work. Homechow connects diners with a variety of restaurants available near them. They can order food and get it delivered at their doorsteps.  Let’s see how it works for different components of the business.

Consumers: The users can browse the various restaurants available on the Homechow App. They can then place an order and wait for their orders to the delivered on their doorsteps. The app allows them to pay online or in cash. This gives the consumer flexibility and makes the application user-friendly.

Restaurants: Once a user places an order, the restaurant is notified about the order. They can confirm the order based on the availability of the meals. Once they confirm, they can proceed to prepare the order and keep it ready for the courier officers for delivery.

Courier officers: Once a restaurant confirms an order, a courier stationed nearest to the location gets a notification. He has to accept the delivery request and then directly head to the restaurant. The order is either ready for collection or the courier has to wait for a while before it is prepared and packed.

Once this cycle has been completed, the food is then delivered at the consumer’s address. This is how one complete cycle of an order takes place. We can understand this simple process in detail.

homechowHow does Homechow work for consumers?

In this section, we will see how does the Homechow App work for the consumer through a step-wise model. The consumers are the primary users of the food delivery service. They are the basic component of the business. Giving an excellent user experience to the consumers is very important for any business to thrive in the market.

Let’s have a look on the step-wise model of how Homechow works for their consumers. The consumers have to order their food in the following steps:

Step 1: Browse

There are a variety of restaurants available on the mobile app. The consumers have to browse the restaurants and their menus based on the cuisine they’d prefer on a certain day. Once they’ve decided upon the cuisine they can go through the restaurants providing the same and decide what they want to order.

Step 2: Place an order

Once the user has browsed the available options he comes to a decision. Once this choice of meal is made, the user has to place an order. He has to select the items he wants to order and add them to cart. The user also has to set a delivery address to the order. After the cart is ready the application will ask a confirmation, once the user approves the next step begins

Step 3: Payment Options

After the confirmation from the user, the application directs them to the checkout page. Here the user has to make the payment for his order. There are several options available to the user to make a payment. he/she can pay through mobile money or they can request a Cash on Delivery for their order.

Step 4: Wait Wait Wait

Payment is the last step for ordering food from Homechow. Once the payment is done, the ordered the placed and the restaurant’s role comes into play. Now all the consumer has to do is wait for the courier officer to bring them the meal at their doorstep.

This is how Homechow App works for their consumers. It makes it super simple for the users to order meals at any time of the day. For its simplicity and variety, it has become the go-to option for the food addicts of Accra.

homechowHow does Homechow work for the restaurants?

Restaurants play a major role in the completion of an entire order cycle. The food is showcased and prepared by the restaurants. These are important components of the business. Let us have a look at how Homechow works for their partner restaurants:

Step 1: There’s an order!

As soon as the consumer completes a payment the restaurant is notified on its Vendor Relations Management app (VRM App), a stand-alone app for the restaurant. The restaurant has to then check the availability of the order required.

Step 2: Confirm Order

Once the availability is confirmed the restaurant has to then confirm the order on the VRM App. This will send the consumer an update and will notify the nearest courier about the same.

Step 3: Prepare and Pack

After the confirmation is done, the restaurant has to then start preparing the order. The meal should be ready and packed when the courier arrives. This is the main part of the restaurant’s job.

Step 4: Handle it over

Once the courier arrives at the restaurant they have to simply hand the parcel over to the courier. The restaurant has to make sure that the packing is done according to the food being parcelled. It should be convenient to transport and should not create a mess.

Here the restaurant’s part gets done and the courier comes into play

How does Homechow work for courier officers?

Being a food delivery app, delivery is an essential part of the business. Homechow App has a network of courier officers that pick up orders from the restaurants and deliver them to the consumers.

Let’s understand how does Homechow works for couriers

Step 1: That’s an order

As soon as a restaurant confirms an order, the courier stationed nearest to the location is notified about the order. The courier has to accept the order if it is possible for him to reach in time.

Step 2: Pick Up

After accepting the delivery request, the courier has to reach the restaurant as soon as possible. Once he reaches he has to pick up the order and update the same in this application. This helps the user to track their orders while on the way.

Step 3: Delivery and Tips

After the pickup, the courier has to reach the address assigned to the order. The couriers can contact the consumer in case of delays. They can also contact them for directions. Once they reach the delivery is to be done and the tips collected.

This is how one complete cycle of order takes place on Homechow. With this, we understood how Homechow works for the various components of its business.

What are the features that exemplify Homechow’s success?

While understanding how does Homechow work, it is very important to look into the features that make it user-friendly. For an on-demand online business model to succeed in the market, an excellent user experience is a must. What differentiates a food delivery application from the many others is the user experience. It is all about how easy it is to use. Let’s look into some of the features of Homechow that assures simplicity and accuracy.

Consumer’s Application

The end consumer is the most important component of the business model. It is very important for the company to look into the user accessibility for the consumers. The following are the features that ensure great user experience in the consumer application:

  • Personal Account: the user can create a personal account on the application. Here, they can add their personal details, manage address book and add cards and other preferable modes of payments.
  • Restaurant Search: the application has a curated restaurant search with filter and sort options. The user can apply filters such as cuisine, location etc and sort the search based on their relevance, reviews or price for two.
  • Personalized Menu: on the consumer’s application, every restaurant has their menu. One can choose from the menu and add the preferred items to cart
  • Online Payments: consumers can pay for their orders via mobile payments and various other modes of payment. This makes it accessible for the users to use the food delivery app.
  • Order Tracking: Homechow allows the user to track their order with instant updates of the same. The user is notified every time the order reaches the next level. While the order is on the way, the accurate GPS system lets the user track the exact location of the courier.
  • Contact Information: the users can contact both the restaurant and the courier for updates. In case of some instructions, the user can call the concerned person and do the required.
  • Ratings and Reviews: the consumers can rate and review their orders and update customer satisfaction. The users can rate their orders out of 5 stars and leave reviews about the same.

Courier’s Application

Other than the user, the couriers also use the Homechow’s application. The courier side of the Homechow app needs to be simple to use and to ensure efficiency of the deliveries the user experience for the delivery person should be excellent. Let’s look into the features which ensure simplicity of the application:

  • Personal Account: the courier can create a personal profile on the application and manage his orders. Here the courier can manage his completed orders, ratings and preferences
  • Take an Order: The application sends push notifications to the courier every time an order is placed in a restaurant nearby him. These location-based notifications help the courier to accept orders as soon as possible.
  • Accurate GPS service: the application provides an accurate GPS service for the couriers. The consumers set a location of their delivery address, the couriers can access the same through the GPS system. This makes it very easy for them to deliver orders to the areas not familiar to them.
  • Contact Information: the courier receives the contact information of the restaurant and the consumer. In case of delay or when he is not able to find a location, it is easy for him to contact the concerned person.
  • Complete an Order: the application allows the courier to complete an order in the app. They can update the order status as ‘delivered’ and rate the consumer as well. It also allows the courier to review the consumer.How does the Homechow App work? » EOnlineGH.Com

Restaurant VRM App & Dashboard

Partnered restaurants operate with a Vendor Relations Management app (VRM App) and a dashboard provided by Homechow. There are several features of the VRM app and  dashboard that allows the restaurant to manage several orders at a time. Let’s look into these features and how they contribute to Homechow’s success.

  • Point-of-Sale Solution: Homechow’s VRM app and dashboard allows the restaurants to calculate the sum total of the items purchased in an order. This point of sale solution helps the restaurant to make accurate and hassle-free transactions.
  • Send Requests to Couriers: Once a restaurant confirms an order, a request is sent to the couriers stationed nearest to the restaurant. This courier system has given exposure to many restaurants who couldn’t afford or manage their own delivery system.
  • Accounting and Reports: the dashboard stores the data of the orders completed by the restaurant. This makes accounting super simple for the restaurants. It also allows the restaurants to view reports of the deliveries done daily, monthly, quarterly or yearly.

Food deliveries have made our lives easier and it is is a business with great potential.
Download the Homechow App by following the link: and get eating from over 400 restaurants in the Greater Accra Region.


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