Security expert and spokesperson of the former Ghana Football Association President, Mr Kwesi Nayantakyi, Alhaji Irbard Ibrahim has revealed an alternative to tackling kidnappings and ritual murders in the country.

According to the security expert, investigations into people’s source of wealth will go a long way to help curb the recent surge in kidnappings and ritual murders we have been witnessing in the country.

Of course, no one is welcoming poverty but it is also dangerous to live in a country whose citizens  worship the rich as though they were demigods and are unconcerned about their source of wealth.

Afterall, corruption thrives in an atmosphere where accountability is non-existant.

In a Facebook post, Irbard Ibrahim explained why government needs to be tough and crack the whip on those who oppulently display their wealth but lack a track record of working experience. He also bemoaned our diminishing lack of moral conscience as a people.

As stated by Alhaji Irbard, the situation has escalated to the extent that money ritualists and “doublers” have gained the impetus to brazenly advertise on our television channels.


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