Elsewhere In Kenya – Man Lashes Son For Sleeping With A Neighbor’s Daughter

A man being caned in the past

A 50 year old man thoroughly whipped his son after finding a neighbor’s daughter lying naked in his son’s bedroom at Ekerenyo.

James Barongo reported that his son who is in form 3 refused to go to school on the grounds that he was sick.

James said “My son started becoming lazy. He never wants to go to school. He woke up and feigned sickness in order to enable him stay home. After 30 minutes, I overheard a girl talking on phone in his bedroom so out of curiosity, I went to his bedroom to find out the identity of this lady. To my surprise, I saw my neighbor’s daughter naked on his bed”.

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Barongo’s son was said to be in the toilet at the time.

“I waited for him to come out of the toilet and when I quizzed him, he boldly told me that he just finished “having a bite” of the neighbor’s daughter who dropped out of school in 2017. I had to cane him in the presence of the lady and warned them against seeing each other”.

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The boy was then forcibly taken to school since he wasn’t sick.

Parents were later cautioned against falling to the tricks of their children who are at an adolescent stage.

Via hivisasa.com

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