LOL! Shatta Wale Just Celebrated An Instagram Follow From Meek Mill & Ghanaians Are Mocking Him

Davido with Meek Mill

For some reason most Ghanaian artists feel somehow accomplished when they get some sort of “recognition” from foreign artists — which adds no value or money to their brand.

The need to celebrate these “achievements” shows the kind of mediocre artists we have in Ghana.

Shatta Wale is undoubtedly one of the biggest artists from Ghana and if Meek Mill was placed on the same pedestal as him — the latter will look more like a comparison with Nana Borro (Not really relevant but still known).

Meek Mill hasn’t been relevant in the music industry for some years now and we have a well established artist like Shatta Wale celebrating a common thing like an instagram follow. I mean do they really feel that inferior to these foreign stars.

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Wizkid and Mr Eazi are out there doing bigger collaborations which are expanding their fan base and we have our own artist on social media, writing an entire post to celebrate a new instragram follower.

Should this be a big deal in the first place?

“Meek Mill just followed me on ig … shatta movement fans u r something else…we getting der slowly trust me …” he wrote.

I think I have said my part enough — read some comments from his post below!

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