Love/Votes?; Lawyer John Kumah Distributes NPP Branded Hand Sanitizers To Constituents

Amidst the outbreak of the corona virus has risen a profound truth. The truth? Nothing can replace the gift of life.

In light of that, there has been an unprecedented global unity in order to arrest and forever imprison the corona virus. Every other activity has ceased and everyone’s attention has been diverted, albeit forcefully to the corona virus. It’s more like a WWIII – The World vrs Corona Virus.

In Ghana, a nation which has been predominantly wrecked by partisan politics, any attempt to link the corona virus to any form of partisanship has been rebuked and rebuffed just as we witnessed in the case of Johnson Asiedu Nketiah, affectionately known as General Mosquito who alleged that the President’s ban on any form of social gathering is to ensure that adequate machinery is put in place in order that the NPP in connivance with the Electoral Commision, rigs the elections…..

A lot of people have also contributed their quota to control the virus by distributing hand sanitizers.

However, it was not expected that one brands hand sanitizers to be distributed with his or her party colors prior to its distribution.

Lawyer John Kumah, aspiring MP for the Ejisu constituency and CEO of National Enterpreneurship and Innovation Programme (NEIP) however went contrary and branded hand sanitizers with his party’s colors prior to its distrubution.

Power drunk, eh?



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