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Miracle? How Yvonne Nelson Who Was Never Pregnant Mysteriously Gave Birth To A Baby Girl
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Miracle? How Yvonne Nelson Who Was Never Pregnant Mysteriously Gave Birth To A Baby Girl 

When we reported that actress Yvonne Nelson was pregnant 4 months ago, we had a lot of people doubting us. The actress herself on

several occasions denied the rumors, even getting some of her friends including Regina Van-helvert and Belinda Dzata to rubbish it and make the media look bad.

EonlineGhana.Com again exclusively obtained a video which saw the actress admitting that she was indeed putting on weight due to her pregnancy.

Of course even in her condition, she tried to keep her social media pages active by sharing old pictures of herself which showed no signs of her pregnancy — again to create doubts in the minds of people.

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I guess time has vindicated us and the actress who had insisted she was never pregnant mysteriously on Sunday morning October 29, 2017 delivered her first child at a hospital in Accra. Yes! We have our own “virgin” Mary story here in Ghana and we simply can’t think far.

According to Nkonkonsa, Yvonne’s baby daddy was right by her side at the hospital to welcome their daughter.

Interestingly Yvonne’s cute baby girl is light-skinned (Obroni), indicating that the father of her daughter is also light-skinned and probably not a Ghanaian.

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Yvonne Nelson and the baby are said to be doing well and they have reportedly been discharged from the hospital. They are currently sharing some special private family moments at home.

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