Despite the grave displeasure showed by a lot of Ghanaians over the construction of a national cathedral, the “listening government” ignored and went ahead with its construction.

The fact that Ghana is primarily a Christian nation implied that though a lot of Ghanaians were against its construction, the courage to speak up against it like we saw with the national cathedral was a bit reduced.

Surprisingly, some government bungalows were demolished in order to make way for the cathedral’s construction.

Residential apartments for judges as well as the passport office were also demolished.

The finance minister, Ken Ofori-Atta is however of the view that the project if completed, will “open Ghana up as really the spiritual capital of Africa and establish the country as a direct link to Israel”.

Does being “ a spiritual capital of Africa and a direct link to Israel” have anything to do with solving our socioeconomic problems?

Below are some reactions from Ghanaians:

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