A new photo of celebrated rapper Kwadee has made social media fans to react with disbelief regarding his current state of health.

The once vibrant and talented rapper has been reduced to a ‘lean and unhealthy’ looking man — leaving many fans in a state of shock.

Kwadee has for years allegedly been battling mental illness — however, in 2019 Deloris “Delay” Manso revealed that she had an encounter with the rapper and his ability to recall all past events proved that his alleged mental illness was no more. The music career of Okomfour Kwadee who was once Ghana’s favourite rapper due to his unique storytelling style of rap took a nosedive because of alleged mental illness.

We do not know his current situation now with regards to his health, however, the trending photo available shows all is not well with him.

See then and now photos below

(Kwadee then)
(Kwadee now)

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Kwadee is a hiplife artiste popularly known for songs such as ‘wotaataame’, ‘adwoa’,efie nipa’, “obiara ba nnye”, “abrantee” and more.

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