New Video: Jesse Kooljoe Mood – “INI”

Columbus based Ghanaian artiste, Jesse Kooljoe Mood has released the video for his track, INI.

New Video: Jesse Kooljoe Mood -  "INI" - EOnlineGH.Com
Jesse KoolJoe Mood

The video was shot by Chem Visions and jointly directed by Kooljoe and Chem Visions. INI which means “I and I” or “God and I” depending on the context seeks to pass one message across – Life is a struggle and since nothing good comes easy, we need to keep “fighting”.

Kooljoe adds that whenever he feels lonely in this journey called life, he always remembers that he isn’t alone because Yah (Jah/God) is with him. In the video, Kooljoe talks about his struggles and advices on the dangers of trusting – or overtrusting people.

New Video: Jesse Kooljoe Mood -  "INI" - EOnlineGH.Com
Kooljoe says God’s with him.

Watch :


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