The effect of the covid-19 on various economies has been catastrophic and the end result is that most workers have had to settle for pay cuts.

However, a Nigerian lawyer known as @ TheSanmiAbiodun via Twitter, has shared a chat of how his workers declined his proposal to pay them their full salaries for the month of April.

Surprisingly, his workers unanimously agreed to a 30% pay cut.

1. Some of his workers agree that much work hasn’t being done for the month of April so they are cool with whatevee decision he takes.
2. The boss proposes to pay their April salaries in full but makes them aware of a possible pay cut in the coming months if the covid-19 situation doesn’t improve.
3. After a delay, his workers arrive at a unanimous decision.
4. The decision is a 30% pay cut in their salaries. The boss is shocked to the bone and insists he’ll pay them their full salaries for April.

Lesson? Treat your workers right and they’ll definitely have your back when the inevitable trying times come knocking at the door.


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