Nudity; A Fast Rising Force In Ghana’s Entertainment Industry

The reality of today is that nakedness sells and the choice is limited to selling or not selling. At the end of the day, that is no choice. Just like Hollywood, it seems nudity has found its place in all aspect of the entertainment industry in Ghana. Nudity is now regarded as a phase in which every industry has to pass through .That strong strict Ghanaian culture is slowly growing lax with all the sudden emergence of globalization.

Ebony Reigns at 4syte MVA's 2017
Ebony Reigns at 4syte MVA’s 2017

The big deal is that the 21’s century Ghanaian entertainment industry no longer see nudity as ‘’unacceptable” and against the Ghanaian culture . Nudity is now used as a bar to measure and introduce brands in the entertainment industry . Some Entertainers in the industry now use nudity to reach the pinnacle of their careers. Most Nudity evolves and focuses around the women , the media has cheapened the body of a woman to such an extent that any music without an attractive lyrics of the body of a woman will not sell. With some secular Ghanaian male musicians using fruits and cars to classify the body of a woman, Likewise some secular female artiste using fruits such as banana, cucumber and sugar cane to classify the reproductive organ of men in their lyrical content. The matter of concern is if artistes sell their music with nudity and they quit the nudity , their music sort of quits as well and for how long can an artiste be going or doing nude? This is because fans become interested in their nude and not music.

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Ebony Reigns at 4syte MVA's 2017
Ebony Reigns at 4syte MVA’s 2017

Secular musical videos with naked women caressing and whining up to a fully dressed man and the theme of the song is basically talking about making money- Explain the link between nudity and money please. Ghanaian dancehall artiste Ebony is a living testimony with her, using sexually implicit lyrics and musical videos to convey her songs to fans. And Lord Paper is also another living testimony using sexually implicit lyrics and musical videos to sell nudity to fans. And the list goes on.

Nudity and sex are now filmed and distributed in Ghana. Some movie makers and directors view nudity as a form of expression and they see nudity as a story telling tool that is aesthetic . it may not serve a strong purpose but it brings other aesthetic dimensions and can be used in so many ways. Like the united states, nudity and sex is very lucrative, Sex is a god in it’s own right , it sells. If it didn’t movie director’s wouldn’t keep making films that have sex scenes.

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Ghanaian filmmakers now feel so comfortable and include nudity and sex scenes conservatively considering the backlash and insults they get from Ghanaians viewers. But at the end of the day they still include such scenes and actors are now getting so comfortable stripping in such scenes. Now the question is what are the other significance of nudity in the entertainment industry apart from nudity generating income and would nudity ever fade or pass away with time.

I would leave you with the word of one of Ghana’s greatest scholars .The late JB Danquah wrote that the African is notoriously religious…’’our culture is an embodiment of our lives and our way of life is also embodied in our culture’’.

By Minister Kyei