PALM FOREST The Series set to premiere on Youtube on March 25, 2018

A music driven documentary that evolves seamlessly into a dramatic love story that is an organic viewing experience. It is set to premiere on Youtube on March 25, 2018.

Palm Forest Global, a growing art collective, announced the planned roll out of their 30 Episode online series Palm Forest​. It will premiere March 25 exclusively on Youtube. The episodes will be released once a week for the duration of season 1.

Set in Accra a major city nestled in the tropical paradise of Ghana, Palm Forest tells the story of Kwesi Immanuel and Afia (played by Ruth Oti Yeboah) – one a North American recording artist, the other a music loving fashionista – and their budding tropical romance that is quickly and repeatedly upstaged by Immanuel’s quest to find a childhood friend that has gotten herself mixed up in a bad relationship with a dangerous guy. When Kwesi first decided to journey back to Ghana he was looking for a fresh creative space to finish his album and got a lot more than expected. This vibrant, gritty, and frequently transparent story takes place in recording studios, radio stations, club venues, backstreets, modest homes, to the backdrop of breathtaking landscapes & Beaches across Ghana.

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The dynamic web series is directed by Leslie Morgan, who conducted in-depth interviews with local artists, influencers, music managers, actors, (and) fashion designers before writing this script and attempting to tell this story. The series concept was inspired by the upcoming “White Walls” album written and performed by Kwesi
Immanuel. The Cinematic experience hopes to capture the emotional journey one feels when listening to the album that will be available through streaming and digital download this spring.

“We wanted to take a new approach at telling a Ghanaian story. One that really highlights the sensory overload one may experience when visiting a tropical paradise for the first time. You’re falling in love with everything simultaneously, the food, the people, the music, fashion, traditional and transforming culture,” said Leslie Morgan,
Director of Content at Palm Forest Global. “The goal was to focus on the artistic, aspirational side of Ghana. The side that boasts some of the most talented artists and musicians on the planet, while we highlight some of the most risk taking actors and actresses we’ve ever worked with.”

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Palm Forest Online Series | Official Trailer [HD]

Ruth Oti Yeboah | Interview [HD]

Written and Directed by ​Leslie Morgan
Original Score by​ Kwesi Immanuel
Aerial Photography by​ Bob Pixel
Kwesi Immanuel & Ruth Oti Yeboah
Also starring:
Mykil Wolf
Riza Sackey
Dee Kidd
Ama Jas
Kacey Moore
Arthur Bucknor
Waby GH
With Guest appearances by:
Bob Pixel
Regina Nana Ama Dumah of Reggies Makeovers
Sammy Forson