I’ve read a few reports of Pastor Chris trying to predict when rapture is going to happen. According to the report, we are to expect rapture in the next 6 years, 8, 10 years.

10 is the furthest it can go. I’d have doubted these reports but seeing the people who shared it, seeing that these people who are his faithful disciples have suddenly started aggressive one-time campaign, I have no choice than to believe it.

Believing such prophesies though could be dangerous for society, people will fail to plan for the long term.

Pastor Chris predicts rapture
Pastor Chris predicts rapture

Aside from the fact that the whole concept of rapture isn’t biblical, (a topic for another day), believers should not live using a calculator to determine when our Lord is returning. Death should be enough to make everyone realize they won’t be here forever. If you want something to give you a sense of urgency, death is enough.

When Jesus said even he didn’t know when the day would come, he was simply trying to tell us not to be worried about WHEN.

Pastor Chris predicts rapture
Pastor Chris predicts rapture


Being ready means holding on to your faith in Christ.

Using calculation to try predict when rapture or Christ is coming isn’t really a smart thing to do even if it is coming from the so revered Pastor Chris.

We have seen such prophesies in the past, many sold their wealth, gave some our for free because they trusted in these prophesies. The belief in the imminent arrival of Christ is one reason many Christian in the past didn’t protect themselves materially.

We should be thankful to be alive in the next 10 years, with the way death is consuming people, that would be a blessing in itself. As to when Christ is coming, I don’t care. The danger of such prophesies is that it kills the desire to prepare for the future.

If Pastor Chris is serious about this, I want to believe that he is confident of being raptured. The plenty of cash and assets he has would go waste. What about giving out these things small in anticipation of an end-time he has figured out mathematically? That would be a bolder statement.

Until then, live like today is your last and live like you will be here in the next 80 years. Prepare for the future, if it’s a retirement plan, get it, if you can afford a house buy it, if it’s a land buy it. Don’t be too smart trying to predict an event God is holding closely to His chest.

By Isaac Kyei Andoh

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