Photos:The Angel Without Wings Adds A Rolls Royce To His Garage Of Super Cars

The Angel’s new ride

Ever heard of Angels who drive flashy cars around? The founder of International God’s Way Church, Angel Obinim is definitely spearheading a new breed of Angels who drive flashy cars. According to, Angel Obinim has purchased a Rolls Royce Ghost II.

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According to checks, a brand new Rolls Royce Ghost II costs between $305 000 – $339 775 which is within the range of 1, 447, 068 – 1, 607, 840 cedis. It is unclear whether the self-styled Angel purchased the car in its “tear-rubber” state.

The Rolls Royce Ghost II

Bishop Angel Obinim adds the Rolls Royce Ghost II to his garage which allegedly includes 8 Range Rovers, 5 Infinity SUV’S,3 Chryslers amongst other sophisticated “road gadgets”.