Random Fashion Tips

Hello lovely people. Today is all about fashion tips. Yay! Any fashion lover in the house?
Let’s set the ball rolling.
1. Go hands -free for the evening.


A dressy bag with a chain helps you to hold savouries or a drink. Plus, it lends a cool edge to evening wear. Wear the chain diagonally across your body for best effect.
2. Throw on a scarf.


Stash one in your purse to transform a simple T shirt.
3. Always check out yourself in the mirror before you leave the house. Make sure you like what you see. Every angel matters.

4. Pile on good accessories – scarves, sunglasses, hats, statement jewelry – to instantly transform even the most basic outfit.
5. Heat can destroy your glasses frame, so always keep them in a hard case and never wear them on your head on a hot day.
That’s it for today’s random fashion tips. Stay tuned for more.


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