Red Card: Mzbel Condemns Badgirl Nafisah’s Explicit Song, “Clitoris”

Heeey! The pot says the kettle is black! Yeah but the pot has a point…….You know that when Mzbel who’s no stranger to sensual songs says you’ve crossed the limit, then indeed, you have!

“I be 16 years” hit maker, Mzbel has condemned Badgirl Nafisah’s latest song, “Clitoris” for it’s explicit scenes and diction!

The artwork for Clitoris

Mzbel made her disapproval of the song known via a Facebook post. She wrote:

“I really do admire bold and hardworking girls but @badgirlnafisah trust me this so too much! My humble opinion”.

As the title, so is the music video which shows explicit scenes which can more or less be compared to pornography.

Now, the content……..which was sang in a local dialect, Twi………is just wow! Badgirl Nafisah didn’t mince words and just went “plain, plain”!

See Mzbel’s Facebook post below:


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