“Retract and Take It Down” – Sarkodie Condemns Sammy Gyamfi’s Use Of Floyd’s Death For Party Politics

Sarkodie has reacted to Sammy Gyamfi’s insensitve post which compared the death of George Floyd to EC’s refusal to desist from compiling a new voters register.

Earlier, the communications officer of the National Democratic Congress,(N.D.C) posted a cartoon artwork that depicted the President, Nana Akufo-Addo, and Jean Mensah standing on a man who was tied down. The cartoon was interpreted as the two parties’ deliberate attempt to choke Ghanaian voters to death with voters’ register compilation — likened to the death of George Floyd.

George Floyd, a 46-year-old African American, died in Minneapolis on Monday while being restrained by the police.

Upon several backlash and criticisms from Ghanaians, Sammy has refused to take the post down. Sarkodie however reacted to the post, urging him to retract and take it down due to its insensitive nature. He wrote:

Naa my brother we all go wrong sometimes… I will believe your intention wasn’t to joke with these serious n very sensitive issues, but you still wrong just do what’s right…. retract n take it down


Ghanaians Descend On Sammy Gyamfi For ‘Mocking’ George Floyd’s Death With EC’s Voter Register Issue

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