Reviewing Top 5 Favorite Ghanaian Music Streaming/Downloading Sites & Their Charges!

We all love good music and here in Ghana we want them for free too. Fortunately and unfortunately there are sites on the internet who are committed to providing these songs for us on a daily basis. They keep us updated on the latest releases in Ghana and beyond. I actually grew up downloading from some of these sites and for years now they are still in business promoting Ghana music beyond boarders. Most musicians especially the up and coming ones rely on these sites to get their songs heard. Trust me, most of the popular songs you hear nowadays owe it to these music streaming sites. It will also impress you to know that about 40% of the songs played on air were either downloaded or streamed online from these sites. Most of the popular DJ’s in Ghana also rely on these sites to update their libraries. Though there are a lot of cons associated with their style of work, their pros far outweigh this and I think the Ghanaian music industry really owe these guys a great deal.

EonlineGhana.Com took it upon ourselves to review 5 of these favorite sites who are doing the Ghanaian music industry a big favor and of course most of the songs you see on their sites were not there for free. Musicians pay for their services. It is understandable because these music streaming sites also have to pay for their server costs and site maintenance, domain hosting and other explicit costs — and so in no particular order, we give you 5 of Ghana’s famous music streaming sites and their charges per upload.

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