Shock Grips Kenyans As “Demon Possessed” Pastor Is Caught Making Love To A Cow

Caught in the act. 'Pastor' Wachira has no excuse.

Shock Grips Kenyans As “Demon Possessed” Pastor Is Caught Making Love To A Cow

Residents of Mobet, a village in Uasin Gishu County received the shock of their lives after a pastor at Jesus Pentecostal was caught red-handed making love to a cow on the 17th of July.

The pastor, James Wachira who had just moved into the village and begun a new church was said to have been caught with a chair and a torch at John Kiplagat’s cowshed.

Caught in the act. ‘Pastor’ Wachira has no excuse.

“At around six in the morning, I heard some unusual movement from my cowshed. My son and I woke up to go check if everything was okay”, shed owner Kiplagat narrated.

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On reaching the cowshed, Kiplagat and his son couldn’t believe their eyes as they saw the pastor near a cow with his trouser half way down. The pastor couldn’t run away and so was tied with ropes and forced to explain what he was doing with the cow at such an hour of the day.

The pastor according to in his defense, reportedly said that demons had taken over him and he didn’t understand how he ended with the cow.

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“All I know is that I was sleeping at my house then the next thing I wake up near the cow,” Wachira explained.
Angry villagers who arrived at the cowshed after getting wind of the bizarre incident almost beat up the pastor but for the timely intervention of the cow’s owner.

Elders in the village later summoned an urgent meeting where they arrived at the final decision of excommunicating the pastor.

It is a strange world indeed.

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