My Son’s Fair Complexion Denied Him Abraham Attah’s Role In Beasts Of No Nation – Bandex

Entertainment critic Ahmed Banda, popularly known as Bandex, has disclosed his son, Rahim Banda, was to play the role of ‘Agu’ in Beasts of No Nation.

According to Bandex, who is father of Ghana’s exceptional child actor Rahim Banda, Abraham Attah deserves the role he played as ‘Agu’ in the award winning movie ‘Beasts of No Nation’ since his son, was the one to have been chosen but due to his fair-coloured skin he was not featured in the award winning movie.

Speaking with Kojo Preko Dankwa on Kasapa Entertainment on Kasapa 102.3FM Saturday, the Movie cum music producer asserted that sixteen year old (16) Rahim Banda was the only young actor who was auditioned twice and on the eve of the auditioning at TV3 premises, Abraham Attah was absent.

Bandex noted that though Abraham’s success is phenomenal, journalists or media critics should be circumspect in their reportage to save the 16 year old actor’s career.

When asked if he (Bandex) agrees to the clamour by the the public for Abraham Attah’s relocation to the US, the Entertainment Pundit said, “Yes Abraham should relocate to the US but should be trained to be versatile since movies like Beasts of No Nation comes once in awhile with good story line and good directing.”

In an answer  to Attah’s recent comment that he will not feature in ‘Local’ movies, Bandex said, Beasts of No Nation is a local movie as compared to other Hollywood movies, adding that it is a low budgeted film.

Source: Livefmghana


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  1. Don’t worry his moment of glory shall also come…… But for now its Attah’s time to shine….. Lets all celebrate him

  2. Oh Ghana when at all are we going change this PHD attitude, hmm who jah bless no one curse

  3. Please lets hear..this is not a matter of complexion…your son wasn’t the right person for that role….#AbrahamAttahForReal

  4. simple…it means it was AB’s time to shine…When God speaks all protocols are broken…#gohigherAB

  5. Which means your son was not destined to be there at that moment and for that reason the chosen one was selected

  6. Aaaba Bandex. so you were contacted and from day one till now, you couldn’t tell us? who amongst the production team contacted you but says Rahim is fair so they can’t use him. For me, this is too cheap Bandex

  7. massa make we hear ….isnt majid fair lik ur son dint he act some wherr in africa….dint dey apply make up for him to become dark…. it jux wasnt his tym das all

  8. So wat shld we do? Give him an award for being rejected? Smh cheap publicity

  9. it was destined that Atta would excel in that area and the eventual winning of the award. your son could have even failed should the complexity permit him. Simply, it was Atta’s time to be celebrated

  10. anibre nie so tink all those whu are at de hollywood are fair i dnt pitty u bks u are a blackman with black minded so dats why so u do tnk every money n fame shuld come ur household ,greedy n idiot thse toys muvies ur son has being act ing.

  11. Now Abraham has become a household name and everybody wants to use him for attention. lets grow up already cos I bet he would not have gotten anything if he had played. Go away rich kid.

  12. We thank God it happened this way…God works in mysterious ways…#AbrahamAttahIsTheBest


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