Ghanaian actress and media personality Nisirine Naa Ashorkor Mensah-Doku earlier today revealed that her contract with Multimedia Group was terminated prematurely.

Although the actress provided no details as to why the termination was initiated, however a report by EnewsGH.Com sheds some light on it.

According to the report, possible reasons for her termination includes

  • She was a Service Provider employed for both Radio and Television. Most media establishments in Ghana employ the Convergence model, where employees are required to work across the various properties of the stable under one contract document
  • Management had reason to believe she consistently and deliberately neglected the television aspect of her engagement

In summary, Naa Ashorkor allegedly found ways to constantly shirk her television obligations, an action that has occasioned the termination of her contract. She was however paid a month’s salary in lieu of the notice of her sacking.

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