With a mix of Ghanaian, continental, American, English, Chinese, Indian, Japanese meals it’s no wonder the Homechow App is the cooking pot of culture and cuisine in Accra. The Homechow food delivery app is the go to place for all your tasty meals and well this week, my foodie self has been ordering and trying out random meals with the Homechow App. Below is my top #3 meal picks of the week.

Full English Breakfast from Modern Caffe (GHS 33.58)

You haven’t had breakfast if you haven’t tried the full English breakfast on the Homechow App from Modern Caffe. It was a mixture of delicious and delight. It came with fried eggs, sausages, bacon, mushroom, toast, baked beans and a beverage of my choice. I went with coffee and I had no regrets.

Rating: 5/5

Assorted meat jollof from Hoo-gah (GHS31.44)

You want tasty assorted meat jollof delivered to your door? One of the trendiest restaurants in Accra also happens to be one of the main spots with tasty assorted meat jollof. I ordered with Homechow for lunch and the goat meat, beef and chicken assorted jollof went down really well.

Rating: 5/5


Tuna Salad from Hashtag Pub (GHS25.15)

My 25ghs well spent. I ordered the signature Tuna Salad from Hashtag Pub with Homechow and it was really really good. A great salad by all standards to order for your friends and a delicious way to serve tuna in a savoury sense.

Rating: 5/5


There are literally hundreds of meals to try, and there seems to be a new restaurant popping up every day on the app. If you are a foodie like me, you are in for a real treat because Homechow App is the amazing Ghanaian food paradise.

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