Top TEN Nigerian Female Celebrities Worthy Of Every Guy’s Fantasy!!

Slim, thick, plus-sized; in no particular order, these are my top 10 Nigerian female celebrities worthy of every man’s fantasy.These ladies are beautiful, hot, sexy and great at what they do.

sexycelebsMercy-Johnson[1] 360nobs360nobs
When the former Mo Hits crew sang ‘booty call’, they must have had this sexy goddess in mind. Known for flaunting her endowments in tight and revealing dresses, the mother of 1 can make a sterile man hard. Even when she plays the role of a maid or a poor girl, the clothes this talented actress wears does not hide that great body of hers. With a big bosom, slim waist and wide hips, Mercy Johnson has the perfect body that will drive even a mad man insane.


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