Touching…..Watch: Mohammed Salah Plays Football With Legless “Fan”

Football, one of the most popular sports in the world is a great unifying sport. It’s tenets are self believe, passion, commitment, fair play, respect and many other commendable values.

Liverpool and Chelsea are set to play in the UEFA Super Cup tomorrow and both teams are definitely preparing vividly.

However, Egyptian King, Mohammed Salah has engaged in a class act with an individual who doesn’t have lower limbs and it has set social media on fire. The children spotted in the video are under the care of the UEFA foundation.

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This comes two days after Salah visited an 11-year old Louis Fowler after Fowler hit his head on a lamp post while he was chasing Salah’s car to say hello. Fowler broke his nose as a result of the collision.

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The video was posted on Livepool’s Official Twitter Account:

Watch video below: