WTF!! Shatta Wale Posts Video Of A Slay Queen S**king His ‘D*ck’ & That Of A Friend

Whatever weed Shatta Wale is on must be really cheap because it is slowly eating off his brains.

The unrepentant moral outcast did the darndest act once again when he posted a video of himself receiving a blowjob from a slay queen, together with a friend.

This must be the lowest act from Shatta Wale we’ve ever seen and words cannot describe this act of moral decadence.

Minutes after the video was posted he quickly deleted it but as usual the internet had captured it already.

It is unclear who the other friend was but suggestions by people say it’s his close friend Pope Skinny but others too believe its Duke of D2 music group. The lady in the video has a pierced nose and fair in complexion.

Shatta Wale’s voice is heard in the background, excited about the pleasure he’s getting and is heard saying; “Oh I like this one, oh yeah”

The video is just bad and we are disappointed in him again. Click on the next button to watch it: You view it at your own discretion tho


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